Najdôležitejší homo sapiens.

In the hospitalRappa
Smiles just like daddyLíška Miška
Potato headsFamily portrait
Baby wrapA conundrum
A middle eastern lady
Storm is comingAt the nail salon
Ho - Ho - HoThe feet.In the Matrix
The eyes.Happy
Mr. CatUnhappy
At the library(S)
Fun fun funLe duckThe unhappy spoon...
TastyMusic connoisseurWide angle
Loves the labelsToo excited...Still too excited.
AstronautResignedFirst real food
Touching phaseIn da hoodFun fun fun
With grandadTakin' it easyFirst real movement
In the gardensSuaveThe awesome superbaby returns
Encounter of the third kindAn explosion of joySurprising development
Hello?Nom nomNom nom (cont.)
Omg blankyOn my feetFuture olympic champion
How to make browniesWalking accesoriesHere
Just chillinYoClean eating...
Monkey businessAutumn fairyLove
RepairmanHappy mealOh my god
One yearIn training